Romantic Dinner Ideas for Two ?>

Romantic Dinner Ideas for Two


Well, going out for a dinner date is very romantic and there is no much stress when it comes to preparing meals. However, how about staying at home and prepare a meal with your loved one? Romantic, right? Of course the actual process is not as romantic as it sounds especially when the dish turns out to be totally different from that in the menu. Or the messes involved and the lifetime grease. But I think that all this is what makes the whole process romantic and worth it. Below are some romantic dinner ideas that you will enjoy preparing without sweating it off:

Spicy Roast Lamb Leg

A leg of lamb is a clear indication of a special, not to mention romantic dinner. Do not miss out this opportunity to share some romance with your special one through this special dish. The recipe is very easy to understand and implement.

Lemon Garlic Pasta

Are you afraid of ruining your dinner date by a poorly prepared dish? Well, this is definitely the recipe for you to try. The good news with pasta is that it is very hard to mess up. An added advantage is that the dish is delicious and you won’t need sauce that risks ruining your precious tablecloth.

Almond-Crusted Pork Loin and Red Wine Raisins

This dish involves soaking raisins in red wine. This goes very well with the pork loin and guess what, it means that you will have an already open bottle of wine while cooking!

Baked Chicken with Tomato and Garlic

Let’s face it, all you want to do after a romantic dinner is have some equally breathtaking sex. No one want to have a workload of dishes to do after dinner. Baked chicken makes a very delightful meal and it also helps keep the dishes at minimum. You will have lots of time to enjoy after dinner.

Spiced Sirloin Roast for Two

A perfectly cooked roast is very impressive. This is because preparing something that needs a thermometer to tell when it is ready requires a lot of confidence and self-belief. Well you know what, nothing is sexier than confidence! Go show off your skills.

Thai Red Curry Shrimp

It is very probable that cooking Thai food is not your daily to do things if you are not a Thai. Preparing this dish is therefore a clear indication that it is a special night for you two.

dinner2Roasted Vegetables and Chili Lime Steak

Add some fanciness to your night with this special dish. Whenever you are looking for a fancy meal, steak is always the go-to dish. This in itself has a reason. You just cannot fight that.

Truffle Oil Roast Salmon and Mushrooms

When nicely prepared, mushrooms can make a very special meal. Besides this, truffle oil will make any meal fancy.

The top of the ice-cream would be to accompany your lovely romantic dinner with a special present for your soulmate- you can find a lot of ideas at Go ahead and treat your sweetheart to a special dinner with any of the above dishes. There is so much you can do with the ingredients you have in your kitchen. Simply learn how to spice them up. The good thing is that all the above recipes are very easy to prepare. Enjoy!

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