Best cooking shows of all time, ranked ?>

Best cooking shows of all time, ranked

There are so many cooking shows on the air that it is hard to tell which ones are designed to help a person make quality recipes and which ones are designed purely for entertainment. This list will help a person find the best cooking shows to watch and enjoy.

The French Chef #1

This show ran from 1963 to 1973 and featured the cooking of Julia Child. She was the first person that taught many people how to cook. This was her first television show where she introduced French cooking and techniques to the views at home. This is said to be one of the most influential shows of its time not just for cooking but for helping to shape a culture.

Good Eats #2

This show features host Alton Brown. He not only gives advice for cooking but gives information about the science behind some of the foods and cooking techniques. Alton will show a person how to make this food at home. Every though some it of will require time and patience his recipes are pretty easy to follow.

Iron Chef #3

This show has two accomplished cooks facing off against each other. They are given a mystery ingredient and have one hour to make five dishes with this ingredient being the star. They are then judged on taste, use of the ingredient, and creativity. If the competitor beats the Iron Chef that walked away with bragging rights.

Molto Mario #4

This show features the culinary skills of Mario Batali. He was brining his love for Italian cooking to television. He showed the views at home how to make authentic Italian food. He also tells of some personal stories and show actual instruction on how to prepare this food.

East Meets West with Ming Tsai

This show teaches a person how to make some food from Asia with introduce the Asian flavors to the American people. Ming is an interesting and energetic cook to watch. He shows how to infuse Asian flavors into classic American dishes.

These are some of the best ranked cooking shows. There are a number of shows out there but these shows are the most influential and amusing food related shows to be aired.

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