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About My Blog

My name is Lillie, I’m from the bustling city of Chicago, and my two biggest passions are food and blogging. I’ve been obsessed with good food my entire life. In fact, whenfood_street I was just four years old, I was already critiquing the meals my mother cooked! I’ve spent my life following my passions by blogging, cooking delicious food, and travelling to America’s most popular restaurants. Recently, I went on a two-week trip to New York for a whirlwind restaurant tour. While I ate a lot of fantastic meals, one restaurant really stood out to me. That restaurant is named Chuck Wagon, and I still dream about it to this day.

Their burgers? Juicy, cheesy, and perfect.

Their homemade milkshakes? Absolutely to die for.

It’s food like Chuck Wagon’s that keeps me going. In fact, delicious food is what inspired this entire blog! So, I hope you enjoy my posts, and while you read, I think I’ll go back to Chuck Wagon for another milkshake.